Civic tower

Documents identify the building as the seat of the priors since 1400.

The building was enlarged between the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century by the architect Pietro Maggi and it was used as the town hall until the Italian unification, when it became the seat of the Magistrate’s Court, until 1993.Since then, the Civic Tower has housed the Municipal Historical Archive and the ancient Statutes of Montalto, Porchia, Patrignone and the Notary.

The building includes the Municipal Library, housing works of many kinds: including those of a literary, poetic, historical, geographical, apologetic, religious, juridical, economic, hagiographic, theological nature. There is a well-stocked newspaper library with a parchment fund, including the Catastrum Vetustior of 1320, autograph letters, papal bulls and briefs and manuscripts by local scholars.