Formerly the Prisons of the Sistine Presidato, the Prison Museum is located in the historic municipal building.

It houses essential furnishings reconstructed according to an Inventarium(inventory) from 1604 that, together with the graffiti and drawings of the prisoners on the walls of the cells, remind one of the historical nature of this environment.

For over four centuries, not only criminals, sometimes using the same objects of daily agricultural work modified into dangerous weapons (e.g. a rake, a scythe), have passed through this prison, but also poor people, imprisoned for debts incurred because of famines, epidemics, etc.

Inside, one can learn about the dramatic and authentic stories of the prisoners, all derived from original documents and as dramatized by the theatre “TeatrodelleFoglie“.


Opening hours

Currently the Museum cannot be visited due to the potential instability of the structure caused by the most recent series of earthquakes.

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