(9 Km. Travel times: 3h30 with transfer between the hamlets by motor vehicle, 4h by bike, 5h on foot. Medium difficulty)

A trail not to be missed for those who want to appreciate the religious architecture in the area of Montalto.Start from Sistus V Square with a visit to the Cathedral of S. Maria Assunta and then move to the medieval centre of Montalto to admire the churches of S. Nicolò and S. Pietro.Next, take the SP23 toPatrignone, or follow easy paths on foot or by bicycle (1.2 km), to visit the church of S. Maria in Viminatu and thereafter reach the church of the Madonna delle Grazie, called MadonnaTonna, not far from the historic village.

From here, take the SP 23 and SP 99 by motor vehicle to Porchia, or follow the path signs through fields and vineyards.The village hosts the church of S. Lucia and the tiny church of the Madonna della Pace, the final stop of the trail.

The itinerary is easy if the transfers between the hamlets are made by motor vehicle,otherwise it isof medium difficulty if you prefer to travel on foot or by bicycle.


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