Sistine Trail

(6km, 1.30h on foot-by motor vehicle, 2h by bicycle, 3h on foot, 3h with visit of the Civic Art Gallery and Diocesan Museum. Easy)

The trail winds mainly within the village of Montalto, allowing the visitor to appreciate the major architectural works that marked the urban renewal initiated by Sistus V. It also includes the places that contributed to the spiritual growth of the Pope from the Marche region.

Starting from the Cathedral of S. Maria Assunta, passing throughPortaPatrizia to explore the location of the papal mint, reaching Umberto I Square, where the Civic Art Gallery is located, rich in evidence of the Pope’s generosity towards his “beloved homeland” and the house in which he lived as cardinal.Continue to Palazzo Massimauri, the ancient residence of Sistus V, to then return to Sistus V Square and visit the Diocesan Museum, which houses the Reliquary of Montalto, a splendid piece of 15th-century Renaissance goldsmith art.The trail ends by reaching the Aso valley to visit the ancient mill of Sistus V.

The urban itinerary length is 1 km on foot or by bicycle, to which 5 km must be added to reach the mill of Sistus V either with your own motor vehicle via the SP 47, or on foot and by bicycle along the marked route that starts from behind the Municipal Cemetery.


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