Nature Trail in the Aso Valley

(Circular route, 8 km, 2.30h on foot, 1.30h by bicycle. Medium difficulty)

This is a route of medium difficulty but with varied panoramic and naturalistic views.Departing from Sistus V Square, continue towards the municipal cemetery, behind which an ancient municipal road starts.This road once connected the old town with the Aso valley.After a couple of steep but easily-passablestretches, continue until you reach the valley, then turnright to reach the mill of Sistus V.From here, continue along an asphalted road up to the marked crossroads of Contrada Valle, up an interesting ascent through oaks and vineyards, until you cross the final stretch of ContradaCimirano. After some moderately steep stretches, you return to the SP 23. After just under 1 km,the trail ends, inSistus V Square.

The itinerary has some sections with medium-difficulty slopes, so it is recommended for casuals hikers or for those who want to take the trail by E-Bikes.

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