Sistus V monument

At the entrance of the town, on the southeast side,there is the bronze sculpture created by Pericle Fazzini and dedicated to the most illustrious citizen of Montalto: Felice Peretti- Pope Sistus V. Pericle Fazzini was born on 14 May 1913 in Grottammare where, from an early age, he assisted his father,a woodcarver, in his job, possessed of a precocious talent. His name is associated to the famous sculpture the “Resurrection” in the Nervi hall in the Vatican. The sculpture in Montalto, inaugurated on 23 November 1986, is the artist’s last work, finished only few months before his death in 1987. The Sistus V Monument is amodern, avant-garde work: it is a mobile structure, which rotates on itself, forming dynamic, constantly-changing Sistine profiles throughout of the day.