Sistus V Mill – Valdaso

Sistus V mill, located in the heart of  Valdaso, below and to the north of Montalto, is a rare example of a fortified mill in the Marche region.

There is evidence of its presence and activity since 1320 and its current name derives from the transfer made by the Priors in 1567 to the future Pope Sistus V and to his sister Camilla, who both benefited from the income for five years in deduction of the sum lent to the Community by Camilla Peretti.

The structure is on three levels: in the basement it still has the millstones used for the processing of wheat, the second was used as the miller’s residence and the third, with regular battlements and a patrol path, formed so as to allow soldiers to walk on top of the exterior walls for defence of the mill from bandit attacks. This was later covered by a pitched roof and transformed into a pigeon loft. During the Pontificate of Pius VI, for a few months of 1797, a Mint was sited there, but the Mill then resumed its usual activity. Entirely restored, it is now used for conferences, trade fairs and wedding celebrations.