Palazzo della Signora – Diocesan Museum

On the north side of the central square of the Town (which is dedicated to Sistus V), there is the palace of the most eminent Lady, Donna Camilla, sister of Pope Sistus V. The building later became the Seminary. On the turret with the clock, on the left, are the words ‘Time is money’, an aphorism by the German writer and Nobel Prize winner Thomas Mann. On the right, ‘Pray and work’, the ora et labora of St. Benedict from Norcia and A.M. D.G., Ad maiorem Dei gloriam(For the greater glory of God), a phrase found for the first time in the Dialogues of St. Gregory the Great and that St. Ignatius of Loyola adopted for the Society of Jesus. Today the former Seminary is the seat of the Sistine Episcopal Museum of sacred art, where there are precious sacred vestments, artistic liturgical objects, reliquaries, paintings, portraits of the Bishops of the Diocese of Montalto and some ancient parchments.