Illustrious citizens of Montalto


GIUSEPPE SACCONI Giuseppe, son of Count Luigi and Teresa Massi, was born in Montalto in 1854. He studied art in Fermo, at the renowned “Montani” Institute for arts and crafts; here his precocious talent for drawing was cultivated and appreciated by the main exponents of neoclassicism in the Marche region, namely the architect Gianbattista Carducci – whose studio […]


MONSIGNOR FABIO BIONDI Fabio Biondi was born in Montalto in 1533 into an “ancient and civil family”, closely linked by kinship and friendship with the Peretti family, from which Pope Sistus V and the influential Cardinal Alessandro would emerge. These family ties were at the origin of his ecclesiastical career. After his initial experience as […]


THE BONFINI FAMILY Among the most prolific families of intellectuals and artists of the Montalto territory, the Bonfini were the “ancient dynasts of the land of Patrignone”, or rather the lords of the castle, recorded in the thirteenth century under the rule of Ascoli, Patrignone was ceded as a fief* to the Bonfini family. The […]


THE SACCONI FAMILY Tradition has itthat the the family – unsupported by proven document – is descended from the Tarlati from Pietramala, lords of Arezzo, with the progenitor Pietro known as the Saccone, so-called for having conquered and sacked Città di Castello. In reality, documents attest that the family comes from Villa Casale in Montegallo […]